Agile Coaching

Your organization is different.  You don’t need to adopt a template out of a book or training course.  You need to adapt Agile to what you do.  That is the kind of coaching I do.  With deep knowledge of Agile Principles and Practices, I can help your teams become more Agile, in the way your teams need to become more Agile.

Agile Coaching is what I do.  I’ve been coaching/training since 2000.  I’ve coached hundreds of teams on Scrum, Lean, Kanban, XP and DSDM.  Before that I spent 16 years as a Developer, Designer, and Project Manager, so I can relate to the various roles.

Agile Training

I have lots of training material.  My first choice is to integrate training into coaching engagements.  That enables me to understand the needs first, train to the needs of the organization.  I can also train incrementally, a little at a time, so that trainees are not overloaded with material.  But I’ve also given over 70 classes in Agile/Lean/Scrum/Kanban, to at least 2000 participants.


I facilitated many JAD sessions (Requirements/Planning/Design) from 2000-2007.   I used a select set of models (Business Process Models, Use Cases etc.) to quickly (in 1 week) set up projects for successful iterative development and incremental delivery.   I believe models and facilitation can still be helpful to guide groups wanting a quick, solid start to Agile projects.

Jim Brisson